Baganda Shield Uganda (SHI 035)

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Such wicker-covered shields were carried by the Ganda/Baganda/Waganda north of lake Victoria and by the Basoga in Uganda. Among the shields from this region, this is one of the most striking.  Wicker shields were made of lightweight wood stitched together with twine from a climbing plant. It has horizontal lines running from the rim to the middle of the shield. The handle on the inner side has bent wooden sticks tied together my fiber strings.

Wicker shields display the high artistic quality of their workmanship and their elegance. Shields among African cultures were used in different ways. Used during initiation of young boys, ritual ceremonies and of course in wars. Since they were always in armed conflicts with each other. This is an old shield with visible traces of usage around the handle.

Material: Lightwood and wicker, Fiber strings

Age: Approximately 50-60 yrs

Origin: Uganda

Condition: slight damage (Small hole as a result of old age)

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