Bahima milk cup Uganda (CMCL 016)

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The Banyankole are among the half dozen major ethnic groups in Uganda. They live in southwestern Uganda, where there is a common border with Rwanda and Tanzania.   The Banyankole consists of two major ethnic groups: the Bahima, who are pastoralists, and the Bairu, who are agriculturists. The Bairu are numerically larger, and the Bahima are politically and socially dominant. A fascinating Ankole milk cup which is of Ugandan origin, is a carved wood milk vessel, from the Ankole tribe living in Uganda, it has metallic symbols including stars and letters and a fibre crafted lid to cover the vessel, a wide cylindrical botton and a brown patina, it shows signs of age. These statuettes were used for rituals and other important ceremonies and also acted as milk containers.

Material: Wood and fibre

Age: approximately 50-60 yrs

Origin: Uganda

Condition: Good

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Dimensions 21 × 21 × 18.6 cm