Bakongo Mask (LMIN 045)

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This mask originates from the Bakongo a group of people living in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their kingdom consisted of some thirty groups at its beginning. Its original inhabitants occupied a narrow corridor south of the Congo River from present-day Kinshasa to the port city of Matadi in the lower Congo. Bakongo masks often known to be expressive masks. The masks were used during initiations and funerals of important individuals, or they may have social control functions or used by diviners and healers to exercise power. This particular mask has interesting facial features, carved with great concern for detail and naturalistic expression.

Among the Kongo people, red represented bravery, black represented darkness, and white to illustrated knowledge or femininity, fertility and social harmony. This mask has white paint, red pigment around the lips and black pigment that runs from the back edges of the mask, it shows visible signs of usage and considerable age.

Material: Wood, paint, and Kaolin


Origin: Democratic Republic Of Congo

Condition: Good

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Dimensions 6 × 11 × 15 cm


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