Kota Mask Gabon (LMSK 068)

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The Bakota are a Bantu ethnic group located in the northeastern region of Gabon

Kota Masks usually have unique styled heads and simply shaped bodies, oval faces and a convex surface to represent masculine or a concave surface to represent feminine. This is a kota guardian mask used for protecting the relics of an ancestor that are contained in a box, basket or bundle called the ‘Bwete’. The Kota high reserve the remains of their ancestors because they believe that they can call on their power to help hem when they are in trouble. This is a very interesting mask carved out of wood, it has a brown patina, twisted fiber and worn out with age but in good condition.

Condition: Slight damage at the base

Material: Wood and Fiber


Origin: Gabon

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Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 15 × 58 cm


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