Bali Mask (CMSK 049)

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The Bali (or Baali) people live in the province of Ituri in the Democratic Republic of Congo. They neighbor Kumu and are closely related to the Ndaka. All the tribes found in the Ituri forest l have a rich culture of using masks for ritual dances, with mask types being very similar and often difficult to tell apart from one another. Mostly oval-shaped faces, with very simple and clear designs, and dyed different colors. Little is known about bali masks, we have tried to research and we are yet to find its use in the bali society. This is a rare mask with brown worn out patina and visible signs of good usage.

Material: Wood

Condition: Good

Age:approx 55-70yrs

Origin: Democratic Republic of Congo

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Dimensions 7 × 15 × 21 cm


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