Bembe Angola Sculpture (CSTA 036)

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The Bembe are a small group of people living in Uige Province in Angola. The ancestors had close ties with the living and received offerings through the “priest,” who made appeals to statuettes. These figurines were used as magic statues (nkisi) by the sorcerers. They were idealized images of their ancestors.  They would often wear attributes that allowed them to be identified as medicine men or hunters.

The figure was used as a container for the spirit of an ancestor. They had the power to provide for the well being of its owner and his family. And also to punish him for failure to observe the rules of proper behavior established by the ancestors. Without added materials, the statue is only an object to be appreciated for its beauty, and it may be disposed of freely. This male figure is a symbol of power and prestige. These figures are usually upright with knees slightly bent. The following is a male figure with inlaid eyes, carved from wood with a dark and browny shiny brown patina and shows visible signs of age and usage.

Material: Wood

Condition: Very Good

Age:approx 65-70yrs

Origin: Democratic Republic of Congo

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Dimensions 6 × 7 × 32 cm