Benalulua Mask (LMSK 064)

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The Lulua people are a  Bantu ethnic group located along the Lulua river in Democratic Republic of Congo. They are known for carving protective figures with scarification embellishments.  Benalulua masks are very rare and are usually incised with geometric patterns and colored with a reddish pigment. This is a typical benalulua mask carved from lightweight, coloured black. It has a large high forehead, a pointed chin,  it has a shallow carving inwards and a long crooked noes, small rectangular eyes, a small mouth and visible incised scarifications. This mask shows signs of old age due to extensive usage.

Condition: Good

Material: Wood


Origin: Democratic Republic Congo

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Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 10 × 14.3 × 30 cm