Chokwe (Njunga) Chair (CSTA 065)

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This is an ancient Chokwe chair known as “Njunga” that originates from the Chokwe people. The Chokwe are an ethnic group found in Angola, southwestern parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo and northwestern parts of Zambia. The Chokwe people influenced the art of many neighboring tribes, including the Lunda, Mbunda, Lovale, and Mbangani. They are regionally famous for their exceptional crafts work, particularly with baskets, pottery, mask carving, statues, stools and art objects produced to celebrate and validate the royal court.

Originally, most seats in Africa are low stools, carved from a single block of wood.  At a later stage, Portuguese traders and explorers introduced chairs with backs to southern and eastern Africa. Chokwe artists soon began to produce similar chairs, adding sculptural scenes and Chokwe motifs. This wood chair was carved as an object of status for a chief.  The overall organization of the features on this chair creates a united visual narrative emphasizing the social harmony and continuity that is ultimately achieved through following the enlightened leadership of the chair’s owner, namely, the chief.

Material: Wood, animal hide

Condition: Good

Age:approx 55-70yrs

Origin: Democratic Republic of Congo

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Weight 5.8 kg
Dimensions 41.8 × 39.5 × 72.4 cm