Dinka Fingure Ring (CMI 090)

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This is an old ivory fingure ring from the Dinka people, a Nilotic ethnic group living in South Sudan. They mostly live along river Nile, from Mangala to Renk, in regions of Bahr el Ghazal, Upper Nile and Abyei Area of the Ngok Dinka in South Sudan. They are famous for their rituals in marriage, and cultural demonstrations in various ceremonies.

Such rings were worn by the Dinka elites, Dinka men wore ivory rings with short knobs usually decorated with the circle and dot motif. Use often flattened the band on one side. They were considered ivory arm ornaments, and are mostly worn on the left hand, as the right hand is used for eating.   The Dinka finger rings are used to indicate status and are worn by men only. This ring has a wonderful aged patina and typical decorative markings, it also shows signs of usage, wear, and natural abrasion.

Material: Ivory

Age: 55-75yrs

Origin: Sudan

Condition: Good

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