Dinka Shield (SHI 037)

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This shield originates from the Dinka tribe, a Nilotic ethnic group native to South Sudan. The Dinka, Shilluk, and Nuer are the most important tribes in Southern Sudan. They are mainly a pastoralists community with a recent history of war. They live in a hostile, harsh society because of their nomadic lifestyle characterized by conflicts and raids to their neighbors.

The Dinka shields are often made out of antelope, buffalo and hippopotamus hide. They have a partially carved light pole for carrying it and tied with leather straps in a depression formed during the drying process of the still fresh skin. Shields among African cultures were used in different ways. Used during initiation of young boys, ritual ceremonies and of course in wars. Since they were always in armed conflicts with each other. This particular piece has aluminum studs which we guess were to enhance the shield’s beauty. This is an old shield with visible traces of usage around the handle.

Material: Buffalo hide, wooden pole and aluminum studs

Age: Approximately 50-60 yrs

Origin: Southern Sudan

Condition: Good

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