Ethiopia Headrest (LHRT 087)

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This is a fine block headrest from Ethiopia.  Ethiopian headrests epitomize the devotion, culture, spirituality and physical needs of those that produced them. They are grouped into different visual and structural styles, the columned piece with a curved platform and circular base are the most popular, the other is the pillow in the form of a block. The variations in these headrests are plentiful as their uses. The significant representations of these headrests are yet to be researched but they are believed to mostly revolve around identity, status and age/gender differentiation.

This is a block headrest curved from a single solid piece of wood, with epitomized simplicity or abstraction, a reduction of the form to its simplest nature. We believe this headrest to have originated from the Sidama or Kambatta tribe. The curved platform is linked to the base by carefully sculpted columns. The fine headrest has a wonderful brown patina, smooth texture, carved in hardwood. It shows signs of usage and old age.

Material: Hardwood

Condition: Perfect

Age:approx 50-60yrs

Origin: Ethiopia

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Dimensions 5.5 × 21 × 21.5 cm


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