Hemba Mask (CMI 048)

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This mask  half- chimpanzee mask is symbolic of the untouched and untamed wilderness. Used in funerals, the mask functions to reconcile the world between the living and the dead The chimpanzee is thus presented as a symbol of the passage of the deceased to the other world. These small masks are sometimes called “Passport” masks due to their use as identification. They are often sewn onto a piece of cloth &carried on the person in a pouch. They are miniature copies of family masks and enable the carrier to retain contact with the spirit embodied in the parent mask.The following mask has a black patina and it is undoubtedly old with visible signs of age and usage.


Age:Approximately 55-70 yrs

Origin:Democratic Republic Of Congo



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Dimensions 3 × 7.5 × 11 cm