Karamojong Stool (STL 016)

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The Karamojong  are an ethnic group of agro-pastoral herders living mainly in the north-east of Uganda. These stools are crafted in  different size,some are as big as a regular chair while others are made small. Most people in the region are interested in the small ones because they are light. One can move with it everywhere so that when he gets tired, he can sleep anywhere and turn it into a pillow.  The stool plays a big role when shooting at a target during war. The warrior takes cover with the wooden hand guard of the gun (near the bayonet) resting on top of the stool so that a gun will not shake.After raiding cattle during such battles, one animal will be killed and its fats are removed and used for smearing the stools. They only smear the stools that were used during that particular event. The smearing is to thank the gods for the work of the stools.These stools have no restrictions; everybody starting with 10-year-old boys can own one if he can manage to make his. Young people are not allowed to sit on the stool of elderly people. Likewise, the elderly cannot sit on the stools of boys.


Age:Approximately 50-60 yrs



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