Bakongo Fetish (LMIN 023)

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This is a rare interesting wooden figure originating from the Bakongo, a group of people living in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Bakongo sculptures fall into various categories and their representations vary according to function and meaning. Most of the figures represent elites and royals with many acting as power figures, others were sculpted to serve as ancestral representations or as shrine objects. They usually have magical materials attached. Diviners or priests would encrust pieces of glass in the eyes of the sculptures and these mirrors have the same meaning as the white pigment on the eyes of this figure which is to accentuate a sense of mystery and its ability to see the future. The diviner (nganga) was believed to have the power of being able to read the invisible.

This figure has a coffee brown patina and looks old with signs of usage all over it.

Material: Wood, White pigment


Origin: Democratic Republic Of Congo

Condition: Slight crack across the back due to old age

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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 12.3 cm