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The Kumu live in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.  The Kumu place a high value on loyalty to the extended family and honoring the in-laws. The Kumu are famous for their geometrically abstract style. Masks like this were used during boy’s initiation ceremonies, they were controlled by the Nsembu divination society and believed to be owned by the most prestigious persons in the community.  The following Kumu mask is covered in thick layers of white kaolin, has animal hide at the top to represent hair and feathers at the chin to represent beards, huge wide rectangular eye openings. It has a shallow depth with a brown patina at the back. It shows signs of usage and of considerable age.

Material: Light Wood and kaolin

Age:approx 55-70yrs

Origin: Democratic Republic of Congo

Condition: Fait to Good

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Dimensions 4 × 15 × 27.5 cm


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