Kwere Tanzania Hair Clips (CMI 084)

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These are old wooden hairpins from the Kwere tribe found in the Ukerewe Island in Lake Victoria. They carved wooden figures appearing to have been effigies of deceased chiefs. Other examples of wood sculpture, including figures and masks.

These hairpins were given to a Kwere woman by her husband either when the first daughter was born or when they moved into their own house. Afterward, the hairpins were worn as ornaments on festive occasions. They are carved from wood, have a dark patina, have a figurine at the top and are pointed at the bottom and decorations of a small layer of beads around the figurine’s waist and neck. These pins are sold in pairs and they look visibly old and show signs of usage.

Material: Wood and beads

Age: approximately 55-75yrs

Origin: Tanzania

Condition: Good


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