Luba Ivory Pendant (CMI 067)

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Luba ivory pendants are portraits, or at least likenesses, and are named and honored in memory of certain revered ancestors. Sculpted from bone and horn as well as from ivory, these delicate diminutive figures were suspended from cords together with other objects, including amulets, beads, and horns.   Luba ivory pendants are among the most intimate and personal of all Luba objects, and reflect a close association with the human body. Tiny enough to be easily held and caressed in the hand, ivory pendants nevertheless uphold the same aesthetic as larger, more imposing Luba royal emblems.The following figure bares a khaki patina and shoes signs of age and good usage.


Age:approximately 55-70 yrs

Origin:Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Condition:Very good

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Dimensions 1.6 × 1.5 × 7.8 cm


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