Lega Mask (CMSK 071)

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The Lega are an ethnic group found in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Lega tribe art is created for primarily their semisecret associations of men and women, such as the Bwami society of the Lega peoples. The teachings of Bwami are a cornerstone of all aspects of life, guiding the moral development of the individual and governing relations with others. Bwami doctrine is represented by wood and ivory masks, heads, and small figures, all of which play a vital role during initiation into the society’s highest grades. Lega masks refer to ancestors and are passed from one generation of initiates to the next as symbols of continuity. Lega masks were used for the instruction and initiation ceremonies ceremony rites into the different progressive levels of Bwami society, the association that Lega men rise through with lifelong deeds and often learning up the hierarchy. The following is a shallow faced mask carved in light wood, has an oval shape, round holes to represent eyes and a mouth and has a brown patina,it shows good signs of age and usage.

Material: Wood

Age:approx 55-70yrs

Origin:Democratic Republic Of Congo

Condition: Good

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