Lega Sculpture (CMI 052)

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Among the  zoomorphic items used in bwami, carved from wood, ivory, elephant bone, clay , there are hundreds of found object types displayed alongside ivory in initiation.  Zoomorphic forms are emblems used in initiation, individuals of lower grade may own them unless they are made of ivory. In other regions they are owned by the preceptor, in some regions of the Lega country, all of the above variations of ownership are possible. These stylized figures called Mugugunda have prescribed a name during the ritual that does not necessarily correspond with the sculptural form. This is an old statue with a black patina and it shows signs of age.Birds were often carved in full form, it was widely believed that those who instigate quarrels will become a victim of them.


Age:Approxim,ately 55-70 yrs

Origin:Democratic Republic Of Congo


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