Lega Zoomorphic Statue (CMI 081)

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This is an old ivory zoomorphic carving locally known as “Mugugunda” , it originated from the Lega tribe an ethnic group found in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Lega tribe art is created for primarily their semisecret associations of men and women, such as the Bwami society of the Lega peoples. The Lega carved such zoomorphic figures from wood, ivory, elephant bone, clay. Some zoomorphic sculptures, mostly quadrupeds are carved in an ambiguous form rendering them nearly impossible to identify.

Zoomorphic forms were emblems used in initiation ceremonies. Individuals of lower grade may own them unless they are made of ivory. This is an old light weigh figure with a light brown patina, cowrie shells, interesting features and visible signs of old age and usage.

Material: Ivory and cowrie shells

Age:approx 55-75yrs

Origin: Democratic Republic Of Congo

Condition: Perfect

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