Pare Couple Tanzania (LMIN 061)

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The Pare people are an ethnic group living in the Pare Mountains of the northern part of  Tanzania in the Kilimanjaro Region and some traces in Kenya. The Pare are divided into two sub-areas based on ethnolinguistic differences, Gweno and the Chasu. These spiritually powerful figures were often wrapped in cloth or leather. This unique creation (a pair) is believed to protect the owner from the malevolent spirit of someone recently deceased. Perhaps this person was a well-known enemy of the owner or a person that the owner secretly knew could harbor ill will towards him or her. They were also used by diviner healers during special rituals. This is a fine naturally weathered specimen, intensively used with clear signs of old age. It was hand-carved from a very heavy and thick porous stone.

Material: Porous stone/rock

Condition: Weathered with age and one of the hands of the figurines is damaged

Age:approx 60-100yrs

Origin: Tanzania

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