Pare Teraccota Sculpture (CSTA 066)

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This is a vintage antique statue from the Pare people. They are an ethnic group living in the Pare Mountains in northern Tanzania and some traces in Kenya. Such a clay figurine was used during the female initiation rites of the Pare people. They are believed to be spiritually powerful figures often wrapped in cloth or leather. It is a uniquely sculpted and, it is believed to portray ancestors or spirits. The statue was used by diviners, healers, and sorcerers for special rituals. It has a unique poster, dark patina, signs of natural abrasion which reflects old age and extensive usage.

Material: Fired Clay

Condition: Perfect

Age:approx 55-75yrs

Origin: Tanzania

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Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 13.8 × 34.5 cm