Boni Somali Headrest (LHRT 102)

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This is a figurative headrest from the Boni an ethnic group of lower status on account of their hunting and fishing occupations, they are currently living in Somalia. Headrests from this region are very refined, profusely decorated and artistically executed. Most of their headrests are embellished with elaborate linear, circular and geometric motifs. The engraving at the base of the headrests and are inspired by Islamic designs. Somali headrests represent the age and gender of its owner, a young man, woman or elder. Owners used them to rest on, at communal rituals, council meetings, and lineage congregations and also to protect the braided hair of the owner.

This particular headrest has significant style and shape, a circular base, two well-shaped columns in a V-shape and a crescent-shaped platform. It is old with visible signs of old age, shows traces of wear, a burnished brown patina and usage.

Material: Wood

Condition: Good

Age:approx 50-60yrs

Origin: Somalia

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Dimensions 6 × 15.5 × 18.8 cm