Turkana Headrest (CHRT 014)

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This is a rare beautiful headrest from the Turkana tribe. Turkana are located in northwestern Kenya, they are a pastoralist group living in a hostile society. This headrest is rarely symmetrical because it allows herders to avoid falling into a deep sleep due to its instability. The herders hang it on the left or right side of their belt.

Due to the nomadic lifestyle of the Turkana pastoralist, they developed a custom of wearing elaborate coiffures. Carving of light, portable headrests became a necessity. For women, the headrest can also support their neck but mostly keep their hair developed. It has three legs facing different directions. The patina and wear demonstrate its importance to the owner. The vital role of headrests or stools is obvious among the Turkana.  That’s why these objects are carefully carved and carried everywhere individuals go. The following headrest has a dark brown wonderful patina, with deeply incised scarifications and shows good signs of age and usage.

Material: Wood

Age: approximately 55-75 yrs

Origin: Kenya

Condition: Good

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Dimensions 23 × 20 × 14.5 cm


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