Turkana Headrest (LHRT 053)

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This is a rare headrest from the Turkana tribe. Turkana are located in northwestern Kenya, they are a pastoralist group living in a hostile society. This headrest is rarely symmetrical because it allows herders to avoid falling into a deep sleep due to its instability. The herders hang it on the left or right side of their belt.

Due to the nomadic lifestyle of the Turkana pastoralist, they developed a custom of wearing elaborate coiffures. Carving of light, portable headrests became a necessity. For women, the headrest can also support their neck but mostly keep their hair developed. It has three legs facing different directions. The following headrest has a dark brown wonderful patina and shows good signs of age and usage.

Material: Wood

Age: approximately 50-60 yrs

Origin: Kenya

Condition: Very good

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Dimensions 3 × 27 × 13 cm


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