Return Policy

We are required BY LAW to fill out Uganda government return forms ACCURATELY including the Customs paperwork that accompanies each package. Please do not ask us to falsify the contents or the value of the shipments.



We sometimes keep the objects on our website after they have probably been sold for archives in areas of educational and research purposes. Although we will remove the price from the object if u request us, we will not remove the object itself as an item.



Objects that have been purchased are fully refundable if returned within three weeks of purchase. After that time, items may be returned only at our discretion and will be subject to the re-stocking fees mentioned full condition, insurance of items is a MUST,

In the case of an item shipped from our collection, the purchase price (excluding packing and shipping) will be refunded if the object is returned within 14 days of its delivery date.


Reserving objects requires a 40% deposit…in the event that you change your mind on an item, while we could have lost the opportunity to sell the object elsewhere in the meantime.  Objects may be placed ON HOLD with monthly payments thereafter.

Re-stocking fees will be deducted from your refund if you cancel the purchase:

within 2 months of the original date of purchase: $30

within 3 months of the original date of purchase: $60

over 3 months from the original date of purchase: $100 or 10% of the value of the object – whichever is greater.